quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

Recommendations when you want them - Google +1 button


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José disse...


After some unsuccess with its social network experiments, such as Buzz, Google is betting on it again.

With search engines now giving more importance to recomendations by social network users, Google will try to use its search engine lidership to influence internet users to join the bandwagon.

We'll see if it will have the ability to convince people to join and how things will prove in the near future, namely what influence will it have in search engine results.

With the "Panda" update, Google pointed the importance of relevant and quality content and people cannot be sent to pages that don't have good and sustainable information just because they get lots of +1 (plus one) clicks.

One positive aspect is that one needs to be logged in to click the Plus One button.
In my opinion this will allow Google to scrutinize if the click is 'genuine' or done by the owner of the blog/website.
Of course that will be seing people asking others to click their buttons or exchanging clicks.
But in my opinion Google will, I hope, cross IP data to see if those IPs are making click traffic between each other.

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